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Invest In Our Pure Non Edible Ghee & Oil For Lighting Lamps.
About Us

Lighting lamp is linked with creating positivity in the environment. So, where positivity is concerned, purity is also important. Helping masses in creating a positive environment with pure and non edible oils is our company, Onward Tanning Technology. We are a 2007 born manufacturer, and excel in producing pure and natural non edible oils and ghee for lighting lamps. Our White Non Edible Lamp Ghee, Yellow Non Edible ghee, Non Edible Refined Pooja Oil and other lamp lighting products are prepared with perfection and in a hygienic manner. No human contact while producing oils and ghee promotes hygienic production at our advanced facility, located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Advanced production machines at our facility help us produce ghee and oils in a large quantity and further meet bulk order needs of clients. We, in order to consistently produce quality based non edible ghee and oils, maintain our machinery and regularly update them. We promise to deliver nothing below premium quality ghee and oils to our clients as we believe quality production is the best effort a company makes for rendering 100% satisfaction to clients.

Packaging Perfection

We believe maintaining quality holds same importance as producing quality for satisfying customers which is why we are using quality retaining plastic bottles for packaging our offerings. We use modern packaging machines for packing Non Edible Ghee and Non Edible Oil. Packaging bottles of numerous sizes and quantities are used by our packaging experts. Every sealed pack is quality checked and further delivered at customers doorsteps as per committed time.

Our Philosophy 

We at Onward Tanning Technology believe in earning not only high monetary benefit but also our clients faith and trust which is why we are giving importance to quality production, prompt delivery and customers feedback. We are using latest techniques and technologies for improving our business operations and gaining market foothold.

Why Choose Us?

  • Openness & honesty: We communicate with our associates and customers openly and maintain trust by remaining transparent in all deals.
  • Flexibility: We give flexibility in making payments to our large clientele base.
  • Quality: We strive for high quality production and ensure our pure Non Edible Oil and Non Edible Ghee give benefiting results to users.

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